Please note that we can install Perception for you via TeamViewer.

Perception V3.1.2

Published: 2017-02-22
size: 69.8MB

This download zip file contains Perception V3.1.0 and a demo license valid until the end of March.

If you need to have an extended trial, please contact us by email.

  • Requirements: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 or 10 - any fairly recent system will run Perception.
  • Requirements: Please note that Windows XP is no longer supported by Microsoft.
  • Requirements: Mac OS X - please enquire if you require a Mac OS X build.

To install Perception, double click the downloaded zip file, and run the file 'Setup Perception-3.1.0.exe'. There is a quick start guide in the zip file that contains information that will be useful.

If you receive a 'Failed to connect' message after installation, it is likely that other software on your computer is conflicting with Perception. This is easily fixed, and you should contact us and we will fix for you.

If you are in any way nervous about installing Perception, let us know and we can install it remotely for you via TeamViewer.

If you are an existing customer, please ensure you have a recent backup prior to commencing the installation. You will also need a new license for V3, your V2 license will not work.


for Perception
  • Improved Clinical
  • Improved Dispensing
  • Many small improvements
  • New - Clinical
  • New - Business Dashboard
  • New - Export to Excel
  • New - Full Dispense
  • New - Send to till
  • New - Print Workshop Order Form
  • New - Search Px by phone number
  • New - Cards Report
  • Improved - Dispense
  • Improved - Simplified installation Procedure
  • New - US format dates
  • New - Recall History Report
  • New - improved diary navigation
  • Improved - additional template fields
  • Improved - SMS support
  • Improved - Receipt Printing
  • New - Multi-currency support
  • New - Cash/Cheques report as suggested by an existing customer.
  • New - MAC OSX Client available.
  • Improved reporting.
  • Improved 'Set and Forget' automated backup
  • New Marketing module
  • New Appointment Reminders by SMS
  • New - Multi-currency support
  • New - backup to the cloud
  • New - SMS texting at 3.7p per text.
  • Improved - scanning capabilities
  • Improved - performance.
  • Improved - printing of GOS forms, front and back
  • Improved - Email support
  • Many improvements as suggested by customers
  • New - Dispense Statistics Report
  • New - Key Performance Indicators report
  • Improved - reporting
  • Base software levels brought up to date
  • Improvements to Diary
  • Improvements to Reporting
  • Minor improvements
  • Improvements to licensing
  • Many performance improvements
  • New breakdown section added to Daily takings Report
  • Other minor fixes and changes
  • Record Card modified to display years in addition to day and month of activity
  • Fixed error whereby pound sign was not displaying correctly
  • Change to recall so next recall date remains until a new Rx is created
  • Timeout feature improved
  • New report to show NHS vouchers and when payment was received
  • Some reports changed to show Tax Point in addition to activity date
  • Change so till window only opens if user logged on
  • Stock Value report improved
  • Minor fixes and changes
  • System now available for one low monthly price
  • Minor fixes and changes


We appreciate that not everyone is a computer expert. We can remotely and securely install Perception for you. It will only take a few minutes. We can also use TeamViewer to provide remote support if required.


Your monthly license fee entitles you to all future upgrades - there are absolutely no hidden charges.

If you are using an older version of Perception, just get in touch and we can provide the upgrade for you.

Perception license

You can obtain a license for Perception by contacting us. We simply need you to complete a standing order form and we will then provide you with a valid license.